Women’s Boot Camp

Women’s Boot Camp

Ladies, please join for an incredibly motivating, high energy, FUN work out designed just for you! Get moving again, or break out of that workout rut. Wherever your starting point, you will soon be well on your way to regaining YOUR best shape and the body confidence that comes along with feeling great!

These targeted sessions are based on a women’s specific trouble areas. We promise a session filled with burning abs, thighs, butts & arms…combined with entertaining conversation, new friendships, and fitness/dietary education.

Please note, this is not a group for the faint of heart. No pink dumbbells or “glowing” here. You will Sweat!

ALL fitness abilities warmly welcomed. While this is a group setting, our maximum number of 4 per session, allows for individual attention. You will be challenged according to your personal abilities within the group.

Please Call to set up your FREE consultation and trial session!


  • 6:45 AM Tuesday & Thursday
  • 9:00 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday


  • 5:15 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 4:15 PM Tuesday & Thursday
  • 6:15 PM Tuesday & Thursday

Price: $35/per session
Maximum 4 per group

All Boot Camp sessions include filtered water, towel service & full locker room amenities