Meet The Team

BodyCo Fitness Is Proud To Be Home Base For These Amazing Independent Trainers!


Jeff Iwanaka - ACSM CPT BHkin - Performance5 Fitness

Welcome to Performance 5 Fitness! Growing up I embraced a very active lifestyle and participated in many team sports and activities. In grade 9 I joined my schools weight lifting class and immediately fell in love with the health benefits and confidence associated with weight training and exercise. I played minor hockey in Coquitlam and after I graduated high school I decided to take up the sport of speedskating. I had the opportunity to race in the BC Winter games in 2000; earning a Silver medal. As my passion grew for health and fitness I decided to enter the University of British Columbia to study Human Kinetics and earn my Bachelors Degree. I started working at a gym in 2001 as a fitness consultant/instructor and knew that I had a gift of helping people with their fitness goals. I became a Strength and Conditioning Specialist working with athletes in my community and soon after started to specialize in 1 on 1 personal training and small group training on the North Shore at a boutique personal training studio. From 2005 to this day I accumulated over 10,000 training hours, helped clients transform their body, re-invent their lifestyle and become healthy, strong and fit. I strongly believe in embracing an active and healthy lifestyle in order to be successful with clients. Outside of the gym I encourage and coach my clients into lifestyle activities such as hiking, cycling, adventure racing and much more.

Karina Stampfli - BCRPA PFT PPFS - Compass Health + Fitness

Growing up on the North Shore, Karina Stampfli can be defined as an outgoing hybrid of city and outdoors. Karina has been involved in physical activity right from the time she began to walk. Skiing, figure skating, and soccer consumed most of her pre adolescent years immersing her into elite athletic groups and clubs. In high school she was well known sports figure earning the honourary athletics achievement plaque in her graduating class. Karina completed the Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma at Capliano University in 2007 sparking an interest in business management and development. Searching for her direction, she decided to enroll with INFOFIT to work towards her personal training certification.. With the combination of education from Andre Potvin at INFOFIT and mentoring from Chris Austin at BodyCo Fitness Inc., Karina has worked with well known elite professionals in the business and holds full Personal Training Certification through the BCRPA as well as her Pre and Post Natal certification amongst other elite certifications. Her strengths are within hip and back rehabilitation, postural + muscle imbalance correction, compound weight training, and agility and flexibility training.

Sophie Annett - Diamond Fitness

BIO coming soon!

Marcus Sidhu - CSEP CPT - N1 Fitness

CSEP CPT Personal Training Certification and holder of a Human Kinetics Diploma (Which means I can explain how food and movement can change your life!) I am a former chubster and the dude behind N1 Fitness! I was the first official N1 trial and my mission is to integrate movement and nutrition into your daily life in the most effective way possible! N1 was created on the foundation that you have control over how you look, the way you feel and who you want to be. Each and every one of us can be great in our own right, N1 is about striving to be the best version of ourselves each and every day! Marcus has a Human Kinetics Diploma under his belt along with a CSEP-CPT Personal Training Certification, which means that he can explain how food and movement can change your life!

Caroline Walton - Body By Design

I have a great passion for the work that I do with people. I love my job and I want to help people. I firmly believe that fitness should be fun and should fit into your lifestyle. Getting to the gym for a quick and fun one hour workout 3 times per week is a lot easier than heading out for a 6 hour hike every other day. I have had a passion for health and fitness my whole life. In my late teens when it was all aerobics, I attended as many classes as I could fit into my day when one of the instructors asked "why don’t you teach the class"? So I did. I have now been a certified Personal Trainer for over 20 years. After having my two children, I felt it was time to go more one-on-one with clients and started my own successful personal training business Body By Design. As I am growing with my busy family, I'm really enjoying putting the “personal” in personal training and helping other busy parents to find out what works for them. I know the limited time and energy we all have and I work diligently to put together efficient fitness programs that maximize my client's needs and goals. My clients range from teenagers through seniors, including promising young athletes, all with diverse goals from weight loss to rehabilitation. Several of my clients have been with me for 10 years or more, a true testament to the relationships I build with my clients. My other passion is entertaining and food; what better way to balance that than with exercise? If you don’t enjoy what you do for exercise, you won’t do it. Finding something that you enjoy and someone who can make it fun, exciting and educational in a safe environment is what I bring to everyone I train. I’ll make you want to come to the gym.

Marisa McKenzie - BCRPA PFT BHkin

– BCRPA, American Council of Exercise Certified, Reebok Cycle Certified and holder of a Bachelor’s Degree of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. Fitness enthusiast, wife and mother of two, I love all aspects of fitness; the energy, strength and sweat. Hiking the Grind, running the Canyon, lifting weights in the gym or cycling with my kids. My fitness career has spanned over two decades, and has included: teaching fitness, spin classes, managing one of Vancouver’s first Corporate gyms, Co-owning a Personal Training facility and my very favorite, as a personal trainer. My experience and positive demeanor has allowed me to train both elite athletes and seniors. I have trained clients through pre/post natal fitness, and helped numerous clients through physical rehabilitation. I am highly adapted to my clients needs, and train CEO’s and weekend warrior clients alike. I take a holistic approach
with my clients encompassing nutrition and exercise as a lifestyle, taking into account the many challenges we all face. Wine and chocolate cake among them! I love to educate and motivate clients to reach their fitness goals!