If you have just started exercising or have tried to stay fit in the past and quit a few months later, join us.

It is very common to overdo it in the new year and then set unattainable goals.

Eliminating carbs, losing weight and exercising too much will all fail you.

Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as taking a step back and creating a challenging but realistic and personal plan.

To help you find your new level of fitness – and make sure you stick to it – we have a list of fitness goals you should have for 2022, one year faster, stronger and overall Better. We have prepared throughout the year.

BodyCo Fitness with a group of the best personal trainers and a great environment is to achieve your goal in 2022.

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Since 1999 BodyCo Fitness has been the Premier Personal Training Facility. Servicing North and West Vancouver with its exceptional location close to Lionsgate Bridge. BodyCo is an Urban Energy Haven pumping out positive vibes only! From Hippies to Billionaires, Top Athletes to Golden Age Weekend Warriors, BodyCo is the club where YOU will thrive.

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