Doubles Sessions $50/session

Have a friend, colleague or spouse that enjoys a challenge too? Enjoy the attention of your Personal Trainer while sharing your time and the associated costs! This is great for camaraderie and builds a mutual respect for commitment to health.

Group Sessions

BodyCo offers a number of group training sessions per week. You are welcome to come give one a try. It’s an excellent workout with set weekly times. Up to six participants per session.

Twice a week $300/mo Three a week $400/mo
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This is the most affordable way to enjoy the energy and environment that only BodyCo brings to fitness. Sure to move you towards the wealth only a healthy fit body brings to life! We are excited to think that we can build a budget for most anyone. Come see what BodyCo does better!

Personal Training Facility

Since 1999 BodyCo Fitness has been the Premier Personal Training Facility. Servicing North and West Vancouver with its exceptional location close to Lionsgate Bridge. BodyCo is an Urban Energy Haven pumping out positive vibes only! From Hippies to Billionaires, Top Athletes to Golden Age Weekend Warriors, BodyCo is the club where YOU will thrive.

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